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Sonic x Hooters by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
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[Commission] Igna character art by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
[Commission] Igna character art :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 45 2
[Commission] Niah character art by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
[Commission] Niah character art :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 48 2
[Commission] Draguness Everrest by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
[Commission] Draguness Everrest :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 7 0
Sans tho (old art) by FlameLoneWolf Sans tho (old art) :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 7 0 Velvet's PJs by FlameLoneWolf
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Velvet's PJs :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 34 0
Starlight the Equalist by FlameLoneWolf
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Starlight the Equalist :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 141 6
Blaziken pumping her guns by FlameLoneWolf
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Blaziken pumping her guns :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 140 9
Lovely Little Lady  by FlameLoneWolf
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Quick ol' mouse gal by FlameLoneWolf
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Quick ol' mouse gal :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 10 0
Rarity Shinin' Bright by FlameLoneWolf
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Rarity Shinin' Bright :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 104 3
Rouge the Vampire Bat by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Rouge the Vampire Bat :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 55 1
Velvet's new outfit by FlameLoneWolf Velvet's new outfit :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 14 0 Wild Zangoose booty by FlameLoneWolf
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Wild Zangoose booty :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 47 3
Renamon's boob hug by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Renamon's boob hug :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 64 6


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United States
I can art, write, and butts at the same time. Also ponies.

Honesty-MLP Stamp by MissyTheUnicorn Eevee's Stamp by Szkot-aye Hunter x Hunter stamp by SolusNox [ STAMP | NEFERPITOU ] by BickslowFT Captain stamp by fireheart1001 Sans - Undertale by WEndigo-666 Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain sleepycast/sleepycabin stamp by DrawingKittiesnPonys Ace Stamp 3 by RJDaae cake just for me by Dametora


Sonic x Hooters
I jumped on a bandwagon (again). For context:…

So yeah, I actually managed to get this out fairly quickly, for me at least. Been experimenting with stuff to get faster, lineart especially, and I like how it came out. Would've had it out sooner if I didn't have (and still have) a fever while making this, and there's already plenty of pics like mine to beat me out. Ah well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And for anyone wondering, I only slightly used a vector for the logo on the shirts. The owl's from the vector, but the letters were hand drawn, since they still look sloppy and all. SAI doesn't have a function yet where you can bloat out images like Photoshop, so hope SAI 2 fixes includes that.

RIP Blaze and her tiny cat titty
[Commission] Igna character art
Alt outfits:

Commission for :iconliliththewitch:

Whoo boi, finally got this one finished. Would've had it done sooner I imagine, but been helping my mom out since she came out of the hospital.

And if you've seen prior pics of the girls, you can probably tell that I've revised her design a good bit. Infact, her design's changed bit by bit with each picture she's in honestly. Sooo, this one'll be her main stay, with a stripe theme around hearts rather than the generic stripes she had before. Now she stands out more, aside from being a giantess zeeb. Designing clothes for her was definitely harder than it was for Niah, but I think this came out alright overall. Also, her bandana's a different color. Not a big deal, it can be whatever color really, so long as it matches with her clothing.

Last but not least is the middle sister/Buff McSmol zeeb, Asha.
[Commission] Niah character art
Alt outfits:

Commission for :iconsilverwingy:

So ey, been a while since I've posted here. Finally finished this, and boy it was a doozy. Also, first character sheet I've done since Velvet, so neato. Sorry I don't have too much to say, other than it being fun having drawn these girls again. Expect the other two sisters in the near future!
[Commission] Draguness Everrest
whoa i live or something

Gift art for a buddy. I don't only take NSFW commissions after all (or furry for that matter), though I guess its still in lewd territory, lol

Also, I know I've been super dead here, but that's namely because nearly all of my latest pictures have been veeeery NSFW. If you're interested, here are places I've been posting pretty frequently:

Edit: So, I guess I'm not allowed to post links to the places I post to that have NSFW content now? Fucking cool, Deviantart, as if I needed more reasons to think that this site is run by pussies. Anyway, just go here and you'll find links to my stuff: (And yet... I can still post links to tumblr...)

And if you're interested about commissions, check out my Trello:…
First of all, I'm leaving some links to said picture if you're interested. Because hey, at least it's another chance to let other websites have the glory over this one.
Tumblr:… (congrats, Tumblr, you're actually not the biggest bunch of pussies when it comes to art this time)

Next off, I'm giving my two cents here.

I really couldn't help but nearly roll my eyes out of their sockets when I found out about this one. I was pretty weary of posting it, even after claiming she was over eighteen- because it really matters apparently. But I guess it's fine when Jenny (or other underaged characters drawn here for that matter) are sexualized to hell and back, but so long a robot titty or metal crotch is hidden, I guess it's safe.

I guess we'll just chalk this up to another reason nobody can take this website seriously. But it's totally not just DeviantArt, but a lot of art sites in general just can't handle when a FICTIONAL character- literally only made from curved lines filled with color- is being sexualized, even when they're aged up. Here's a fun example of hypocrisy for ya:

An artist friend of mine drew Korra from Legend of Korra (duh) in a sexualized picture, and his picture got removed for it. I believe it may've been around the time season two was airing- in which it was made canon she was over eighteen during. Problem was, she was seventeen when season one started. Because apparently, this character was tied to their age from their first appearance. 

Wanna know a character with a similar situation, but is completely exempt from it for some reason? Rouge the Bat, a character I've drawn here as well. Hope nobody forgot she was actually seventeen when SA2 and Heroes came out.

But my point is that none of this should really matter. I'm not saying DeviantArt should become this porn gallery or anything, and I'm also not glorifying child porn- which is fucked up in every sense... Except, however, when the character isn't REAL. They're made up. Fictional. Do not actually exist. If they were sexualized, this would hurt absolutely nobody. And yet people act like it will for some reason, and I will never understand this.

Art is art. None of it is more meaningful or offensive. They're lines and colors artists have managed to bend to give the illusion of existence. I love art, but even I can see this. I know there are lots of people who don't want to see certain things, but those are what filters should be for then, right?

Get a grip, DeviantArt. Before you drive even more artists away than you already have.



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I'm sure you're gonna see this as bullshit but I heard you're talking shit to Damien and all I can say is that I shouldn't have commented the way I did. This "art" is purely your own business and even though that deviation in particular looked a LOT like pedophilia, I guess it's not. It triggered me. It was offensive. But whatever you claim is different apparently, so I'll just pretend that I never said anything anywhere.

I just want this to end. I know you're into the drama aspect of life, but I'm trying to snout my life and am facing enough of it with my real friends. So please take that into mind and just forget it. Because it's been a few months now and I just don't give a shit anymore. It was a salty time period for me.
FlameLoneWolf Featured By Owner Edited Jul 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure what brought this on, but whatever. This has just been a fun joyride for me, but I'm willing to let it end if you are. Not even gonna argue with how back handed this is, I don't really care.

Your friend can end this too if he wants, it's never been my intention to harass or "talk shit". Neither was my intent to insult him, it went from a playful taunt to rather malicious back and forth's admittingly. I'll admit it was petty on my end, I just don't take kindly to being treated like I'm less of a person because I have different morals and interests from others. 
Mario-Wolfe Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Back handed? I'm saying everything I think right now. 

He told me he would if you did. You're the one who went to him to try turning him against me. You called him some terrible things, and it was really hard for me to write this comment to you because of that. Personal insults are much worse than bashing on some fetishes. 

And I only said what everyone else was saying. I still don't get exactly how mine affected you more. 
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